Did Taiwan miss opportunities to declare independence from China, and establish the Republic of Taiwan?


Well, Quora User ‘s point is correct to an extend, but it was not clear to everyone, or even most that Lee was a TI supporter in 1989. hell at that point Taiwan wasn’t even democratized as Lee was still serving the remainder of the late Chiang Ching-kuo ‘s term.  had Lee tried something like that in 1989 he surely would have been removed internally, with a military coup or some sort being a likely outcome.

As Joseph Boyle noted, the entire TI issue is a boogieman,  the PRC have never had de fecto control of the area and nothing they are proposing to do would ever stop it’s de jure claim. regardless of what the name change is.

There is only one way to really have the PRC cede it’s de jure claim of Taiwan, which would be forcing them into a treaty, which almost certainly means war, that should be dead obvious to anyone with any understanding of the issue , and yet that is never talked about as an option. (for obvious reasons.)

So we the joke have always been that TI means Independence from the Republic of China in Taiwan.   So in their hate of Chinese people they’re hilariously replicating the old saying that Chinese are only good at fighting people on their side.

This is unlikely to end well in the longer run, as the old saying goes that if you hear a lie 3 times you believe it’s the truth, well the TI people are hypnotizing themselves on their many fairytales and at some point the people that believe their snake oil will ask them to make good on their promise. And since such fairy tales include that the PLA are paper tiger who’s missile will all blow up on launchpads and the world will flock to Taiwan’s banner and form a holy crusade against China




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