Digital kidnapping will make you think twice about what you post to social media


IN THE era of social media, many people still post photos of themselves and their loved ones without much thought as to where they’ll end up.

But a creepy new trend known as digital kidnapping may change all that.

The behaviour has been labelled as social media’s “creepiest corner” and described as “scary” and “petrifying” by women who have found themselves victim of it.

At its most basic, digital kidnapping involves users on social media stealing photos of babies and young children, and re-posting them for their social media accounts as their own. The trend has even morphed into a small subculture — largely made up of young women — who use the hashtag #babyrp [shorthand for baby role play] to find and share the photos.

Dallas mum Danica Patterson and her daughter are two of the latest to fall victim to the trend after a stranger in New York posted photos of four-year-old Bryleigh on his Facebook account claiming to be her father.

The man who stole the pictures, Roman Figueroa, captioned them with: “Ma daughter gunna break y’all sons hearts [sic],” and “Girl version of me”.



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