ABC’s Network of the Future


The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is one of China’s Top 5 commercial banks. It boasts two large production and development data centers, five business centers, 36 Tier-1 branches, and 23,400 Tier-2 branches in China. Serving more than 420 million customers, it ranked No. 84 in the 2012 Fortune 500.

Banking is an intensely competitive business where even small efficiencies prove essential. In ABC’s case, isolated production and Office Automation (OA) network architecture did not support their needs sufficiently. Consequently, Huawei took on a two-year project to design a new hierarchical, modular, and loosely-coupled network to support their core systems and give themselves a leg-up on their competition.


Huawei chose to design and implement a next-generation network based on the existing network architecture. However, this was an exceptionally large project and it faced significant challenges:

  • Production and OA networks were isolated and the communication between them was complex and difficult to understand
  • Existing networks contained different versions of network devices from many vendors
  • The network architecture used for the Tier-1 branches was not the same


Huawei provided a full package of IP network design and implementation services. The network’s planning and design comply with the industry-leading Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) methodology.

Requirements analysis and modeling

Huawei discussed needs with ABC and used existing documentation to develop a set of core requirements for the new architecture.

Existing network analysis

Huawei analyzed the existing network thoroughly and produced a report that considered:

  • Existing architecture
  • Network deployment
  • Service and application access and transmission
  • Device configuration scripts
  • Network routing information

Project risk analysis

Identifying key risks is essential to any project. Huawei analyzed and reported on technology selection, migration and implementation risks, and developed a mitigation plan to handle them.

Target network design and verification

Huawei created and verified high and low-level designs to show the technical feasibility of the target network. They considered:

  • Requirements analysis and modeling
  • Existing network analysis
  • Project risk analysis

Trial site migration and implementation

Network migrations of this size require extensive planning. To prepare the trial site, Huawei:

  • Selected the site
  • Defined site-specific requirements
  • Created and verified migration and implementation plans
  • Produced a trial site service and application checklist
  • Verified and accomplished the migration and implementation, plus provided on-site QA

Post-trial migration and implementation

After the successful trial site migration, Huawei carried out final batch migration and implementation for the remaining sites.


Over the course of the two-year project, Huawei and its partners delivered a modern, scalable network that handles ABC’s needs now and well into the future.

Adaptable network architecture

ABC’s hierarchical, loosely-coupled architecture enables the bank to deploy next-generation core service systems quickly.

Highly elastic network architecture

The hierarchical, modular, loosely-coupled network can seamlessly scale to multiple cities and data centers.

Exceptional migration quality

Huawei moved the existing network to the target network smoothly and efficiently. Huawei made more than 300 cut-overs and migrations with zero failures.

Low Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs

Combining ABC’s original production and office networks significantly simplified the Bank’s network and improved O&M for a competitive edge.



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