Amazing Video Shows Our Solar System To Scale Across Seven Miles Of Desert

Scale 2

What does the Solar System look like when it’s shown exactly to scale? Thanks to thisawesome video, you can now find out.

Images of our Solar System often portray the planets as near each other, however that is anything but the case. In the video, made by Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet, they explain that using representations of the planets above a microscopic level requires your model to be rather huge.

“To create a scale model with an Earth only as big as [a] marble you need seven miles [11 kilometers] of empty space,” explains Overstreet in the video.

So, to do just that, the team ventured out to Black Rock Desert in Nevada. They marked out the orbits of the eight major planets around the Sun, and then created a time-lapse by driving lights around the orbits.

The result is a rather fantastic idea of what the Solar System looks like true to scale. And it highlights just how much vast, empty space there is between everything, and how small our planet really is in the grand scheme of things.



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